Our Shared Values

Statement of MAX Canada Shared Values

MAX Canada Insurance Company believes in a set of core values that derive from our founding Anabaptist faith communities. MAX Canada employees, brokers, and clients subscribe to and practice these values as conditions of their association with the enterprise.

MAX Canada is FAIR. We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated.

We strive to keep our rates competitive, our customer service top caliber, and our claims service prompt and fair. We work hard to provide the best value for our clients’ insurance investment. Our employment and compensation policies recognize the importance of family and community. We embrace peaceful arbitration and mediation as the best ways to settle disputes and conflicts.

MAX Canada is FAITHFUL. We affirm and seek Higher Guidance from God, whose blessing extends to all people, no matter their particular spiritual pathway.

We practice our faith through our unique Mutual Aid Ministries program – the Heart of MAX Canada – that dedicates a portion of MAX Canada revenues to help individuals, families, and faith communities restore wholeness following an unexpected calamity. We believe in the concept of reciprocity, which encourages those who benefit from the gifts of others to express their thanks and maintain their dignity by helping those in need when able to do so.

MAX Canada is SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. We believe business has a responsibility to do good in the world.

We practice social and environmental responsibility through our operating and investment policies. We encourage and support our employees as they volunteer in their communities.