Mutual Aid Ministries Grant Criteria

Purpose of Mutual Aid Ministries Grants for Individuals:

Mutual Aid Ministries grants are intended to serve churches, temples, synagogues and other faith communities located within Canada (hereafter referred to as faith communities) as they seek to help congregants or other persons who have an unexpected financial burden created by an emergency or a definable loss that is beyond the reasonable resources of the affected person(s).

Examples of such qualifying circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Individuals, households or congregations who are displaced from their property due to fire, storm or other catastrophe and who are facing hardships beyond the scope of their insurance or other available resources.
  • A serious medical condition, injury or death experienced within the household which creates unsustainable costs or results in the loss of a job and/or income.
  • Situations such as family break-ups or abandonment where a spouse is left with an unmanageable financial burden.
  • Individuals, households or congregations that experience an uninsured loss or quantifiable financial hardship beyond the scope of the recipients’ accumulated assets.
  • Natural or man-made disasters which leave a community and its households destitute.
  • Pastors who face financial hardship due to extraordinary circumstances such as those described above.

Share Fund grants are NOT intended to be used for activities such as capital campaigns, annual campaigns, operations, compensation, loan repayment, mission trips, group activities, special events, sports teams, equipment or supplies.

Criteria and Process for Awarding Grants:

The following process and criteria shall be used by the applying faith community and by the MAX Canada Mutual Aid Ministries team to determine the merits of financial assistance and the grant amounts.

  • The applying faith community will have independently discerned the need of the person or family facing hardship and determined that the need exceeds the individual’s or household’s financial means and accumulated assets.
  • The faith community and the individual/family will jointly submit an on-line grant application form to the Mutual Aid Ministries team. 
  • The amount of the grant will be decided with consideration given to the determined need; the ability, support and assistance of the faith community; and, Mutual Aid Ministries resources available.

Generally, grants will be considered as follows:

  • Faith communities who carry MAX Canada Church Insurance will be eligible for a maximum of four direct grants up to $500 or matching grants up to $1,000 in a 12 month period (January – December).
  • Faith communities who do not carry MAX Canada Church Insurance will be eligible for a maximum of four direct grants up to $250 or matching grants up to $500 in a 12 month period (January – December).
  • In order to receive a matching grant, the applying faith community must tangibly participate with aid to the affected party through financial gifts, support through donated labor, or gifts of goods or services.
  • Grant requests of larger amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will require higher degrees of discernment, verification and justification than grants within our general guidelines.
  • Grants will be limited to one per recipient individual or family in a 12 month period (January – December) and no more than four grants per faith community in a 12 month period (January – December).
  • Grants will be limited to individuals and faith communities residing or based in Canada.
  • Approval or disapproval of a grant request is at the sole discretion of the Mutual Aid Ministries team.


Reciprocity by Faith Communities and Grant Recipients

The sustainability of Mutual Aid Ministries is directly tied to the success and financial viability of MAX Canada Insurance Company.   Monies for Mutual Aid Ministries grants are made possible through donor gifts and a portion of revenues paid by members to MAX Canada Insurance Company.

Therefore, in the spirit of thanksgiving, reciprocity and the sustainability of Mutual Aid Ministries, all faith communities that receive a grant from Mutual Aid Ministries should willingly share news of the gift and MAX Canada’s role in making the gift possible with their members and staff.  This can be done in a variety of ways, for example:

  • A positive statement of thanks during services.
  • Distribution of a free brochure and/or email about MAX Canada and it support of Mutual Aid Ministries to members.
  • A story about the gift and a link to on their website and social media page(s).
  • An opportunity for a MAX Canada representative to speak to members and leadership, particularly if the church does not already carry insurance from MAX Canada.
  • Submission of a brief written, audio or video report of how the gift was used so that we can share the story with our members and donors who have generously contributed Mutual Aid Ministries.

The confidentiality of grant recipients will be respected at all times.  There is no obligation to purchase insurance from MAX Canada for the church or its members under any of these circumstances.

If you would like to fill out a grant request, click here.

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