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Complaint Handling Process

At Max Insurance, we value our relationship with you as a customer and your satisfaction with our products and services.

To ensure we provide you with the highest standard of customer care, we have developed this Complaint Handling Process to create an accessible, timely, transparent, fair, and effective process for the submission and resolution of complaints received by Max Insurance.


For the purposes of this Complaint Handling Process, a complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction that:

  • (1) involves (a) a product or service offered by the Company, and/or (b) one of its employees; and
  • (2) is submitted to Max Insurance per Step 1. Complaint Submission below.

An initial expression of dissatisfaction by a customer, whether in writing or not, is not considered a complaint for the purposes of this document if the issue is resolved in the normal course of Max Insurance’s operations and/or if the steps for submission of a complaint above are not satisfied.

Complaint Handling Process

In the event a concern or dispute arises, and you are unable to reach a resolution with the involved department of Max Insurance, you may submit a complaint to initiate this Complaint Handling Process.

Step 1. Complaint Submission

To submit a complaint, you must contact and provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, policy number, and (if applicable) claim number;
  • A phone number that you can be reached at; and
  • A description of the issue and identification of Max Insurance personnel involved (if applicable).

Step 2. Receipt of Complaint

In a timely manner following receipt of a complaint, Max Insurance will acknowledge in writing that the complaint has been received and outline the initial steps to be undertaken to resolve the complaint.

These initial steps are determined on a case-by-case basis and will involve the appointment of an appropriate person designated to be in charge of handling your complaint. The name and contact information of the person in charge of handling your complaint will be provided to you.

Max Insurance will open a complaint file for any complaint submitted via this Complaint Handling Process.

Step 3. Review & Response to a Complaint

The person in charge of handling your complaint will conduct a review of the facts, circumstances, and other relevant details (as appropriate) to understand the nature of, and availability of resolution for, your complaint.

Upon the conclusion of this assessment, the person in charge of handling your complaint will contact you to provide the findings of this assessment and the status of your complaint in a timely and efficient manner.

If a complaint is not escalated beyond this step of the Complaint Handling Process, the complaint file will be closed within a reasonable period of time.

Step 4. Escalation of a Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the status of your complaint following Step 3 of this Complaints Handling Process, you may contact Max Insurance’s Ombudsperson to further escalate your complaint as the final step of this Complaint Handling Process.

You may contact the Ombudsperson at:

Max Insurance Ombudsperson

50 Queen Street North, Suite 710

Kitchener, Ontario N2H 6P4

Telephone: 1. 888. 286. 5031

The Ombudsperson will conduct an independent investigation of the complaint in an objective and impartial manner. It is the Ombudsperson’s responsibility to determine whether, through their independent investigation, company personnel undertook the appropriate steps in addressing and responding to your complaint.

Once the Ombudsperson has completed its investigation, the Ombudsperson will prepare a response informing you of the investigation results and subsequent action to be taken regarding the complaint (if any). The Ombudsperson may also direct you to applicable third- party organizations (such as the General Insurance OmbudService or the applicable provincial regulator, as appropriate).

The conclusions of the Ombudsperson’s investigation will be communicated to you and such findings are considered Max Insurance’s final position regarding the complaint. This correspondence will be sent to you within a reasonable period of time following the Ombudsperson’s receipt of your complaint in order to permit for a proper investigation by the Ombudsperson.

At this stage of the Complaint Handling Process, a complaint is considered resolved and the complaint file will be closed (provided that, in the event an applicable third-party organization is involved in resolving the complaint, the complaint file will remain open until the complaint is conclusively agreed to be resolved or following a reasonable period of time since the last communication from the customer or such third-party (as appropriate)).

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